About the Virginia Wine Council

In 2008 Virginia's wine industry formed the Virginia Wine Council (VWC) - a strong coalition of Virginia's wineries, vineyards, the Virginia Wineries Association, the Virginia Vineyards Association, wine trails throughout the state, and individual supporters. The VWC was formed to provide wineries, vineyards, and state and local governments with a resource to assist in developing local ordinances and state legislation that draws the appropriate balance between the reasonable business activities of wineries and the appropriate level of regulation to protect the health, safety, and welfare of visitors and neighboring landowners.

A positive working relationship between county governments, wineries, and private citizens is critical for the industry's growth and development. The VWC continues to work with wineries to ensure they are educated and comply with state and local regulations. We are available as a resource and eager to work with state and local officials in developing reasonable and common sense solutions when issues arise between wineries, neighboring landowners, and state and local governments. Please feel free to contact us at any time- we are ready and willing to assist in any capacity.

Board of Directors

Lee Hartman
Bluestone Vineyard

Ann Heidig
Lake Anna Winery

John Delmare
Rappahannock Cellars

Mitzi Batterson
James River Cellars

Joe Dombroski
New Kent Winery

Bill Freitag
Toll Gate Farm &       Vineyard

Stan Joynes
Valley Road Vineyards

Tom Payette
Class II Member

Charlotte Shelton
Albemarle Ciderworks

Jim Turpin
Executive Director

Ben Rowe
Managing Director

The next few months will be a pivotal period for the Virginia Wine industry to review policies, resources and tools, and bring forth a strong package of recommendations and policy in 2018 to continue to promote and strengthen the industry. We encourage all Virginia farm wineries, cideries, and vineyards to reach out to VWC staff with your suggestions and concerns.