Past Legislative Successes

Additional Resources for State Wine Industry Programs

Wine Board - VWC supported the Governor's budget proposal of a $349,398 budget increase over the next two year budget (FY 2013-2014) for the Wine Board, requiring the full portion of the wine liter tax derived from the sale of Virginia wine be directed to the Wine Promotion Fund. The FY13-14 total appropriation for the Wine Board is $1,779,086.

Virginia Winery Distribution Company (VWDC) - VWC supported the Governor's budget proposal to provide $123,516 to fund one new position at VDACS to provide oversight of the VWDC to work with the more than 100 Virginia farm wineries who work with and utilize the VWDC monthly.

Establishing Virginia Cider Week - VWC supporting legislation to establish a Virginia Cider Week to promote Virginia's Hard Cider industry, a growing sector of the larger wine economy. CiderWeek Virginia celebrates the hard cider revival, taking place annually the full week prior to Thanksgiving.

250th Anniversary of Grape Growing and Manufacture of Wine - 2012 marked the 250th Anniversary of the 1762 amendment to the Act for Encouraging Arts and Manufacture in Virginia. VWC requested a General Assembly Proclamation to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the first law in the Commonwealth pertaining to growing of grapes and production of wine.

ABC Regulatory Review

Outside the General Assembly session, the Virginia ABC periodically reviews ABC Regulations. The VWC has been given a seat at the table to advocate for updates to the VABC regulations based on the expanded role of wineries and vineyards in the Commonwealth, and to streamline reporting requirements for the wine industry.

The Virginia ABC is the state agency empowered with comprehensive regulatory control over the Virginia Wine Industry. The decisions made relating to regulatory provisions of the ABC can potentially have a direct impact on every aspect of a farm winery operation -- from initial licensing to onsite tastings and retail to festivals and events to distribution and retail sales—and much more. We work hard to represent the industry's interest in this process.

The next few months will be a pivotal period for the Virginia Wine industry to review policies, resources and tools, and bring forth a strong package of recommendations and policy in 2018 to continue to promote and strengthen the industry. We encourage all Virginia farm wineries, cideries, and vineyards to reach out to VWC staff with your suggestions and concerns.